The Unsolved Mystery of Beverly Jarosz: A Brutal Murder That Haunts Garfield Heights

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On December 28, 1964, in the quiet suburb of Garfield Heights, Ohio, a horrifying and brutal murder shook the community to its core. Beverly Jarosz, a 16-year-old high school student with a promising future ahead, was found dead in her own home under mysterious and disturbing circumstances. Despite decades passing since that fateful day, the case of Beverly Jarosz remains unsolved, haunting both law enforcement and the collective memory of Garfield Heights. This article delves into the perplexing details of the case and the enduring quest for justice.

The Disappearance of Beverly Jarosz:

The events leading up to Beverly Jarosz’s murder were both eerie and perplexing. On the afternoon of December 28, 1964, Beverly had made plans to meet a friend around 1:15 pm. Her friend arrived at her doorstep as scheduled, but there was no response from within the house. What her friend heard next sent shivers down her spine. She reported hearing loud music emanating from inside the house, along with a deafening thud, akin to someone toppling over a heavy piece of furniture. Filled with unease, Beverly’s friend waited for a while but eventually decided to leave.

The Horrifying Discovery:

Approximately three hours later, Beverly’s father returned home and was met with a scene that no parent should ever have to witness. He discovered his beloved daughter dead in her own room. Stricken with grief and shock, he immediately contacted the local authorities. The local police, confronted with a crime scene so gruesome and perplexing, called upon the Cleveland Police Department for assistance.

The Crime Scene:

Beverly’s Bedroom:

The heart of the crime scene was Beverly’s own bedroom. It was here that her life came to a tragic and brutal end. The room itself was likely a typical teenage girl’s bedroom, filled with personal items, posters, and decorations. However, it was marred by the horrific events that transpired.

Position of the Body:

Beverly’s lifeless body was found within her room, likely in a position that indicated signs of a struggle or violence. The specifics of her body’s positioning may not be widely disclosed due to the graphic nature of the crime scene.

Blood Stains:

Bloodstains were likely a prominent feature of the crime scene, both on the floor and potentially on walls and other surfaces. The presence of blood would have been indicative of the violent nature of the crime.

Evidence Collection:

Law enforcement would have meticulously collected evidence from the scene, including fingerprints, hair samples, and any other potential traces left behind by the perpetrator. This would have been essential for forensic analysis and later investigative efforts.

Absence of Forced Entry:

One of the perplexing aspects of the crime scene was the absence of signs of forced entry. There were no indications of a break-in, which raised suspicions about how the assailant gained access to Beverly’s home.

The Mysterious Music:

As mentioned in earlier descriptions, Beverly’s friend reported hearing loud music coming from inside the house when she arrived at the scene.Her friend came to her door, and got no response, but she reported hearing loud music blasting from inside the house, as well as an extremely loud thud, “like someone knocking over a dresser” The source of this music remained an enigma and added an eerie and unsettling dimension to the crime scene.

Beverly Jarosz Photos

The Grisly Details:

The details of Beverly Jarosz’s murder were both horrifying and baffling. The medical examiner assigned to the case had prior experience with the infamous Cleveland Torso Murders, but he described this scene as the most horrific he had ever encountered. Beverly’s life had been brutally taken from her, and the circumstances surrounding her murder were shrouded in mystery.

The Investigation:

In the wake of Beverly Jarosz’s murder, an extensive investigation was launched. Detectives combed through the crime scene, interviewed witnesses, and pursued leads.

The Intensive Phase of Investigation

In the immediate aftermath of discovering Beverly’s lifeless body, the Garfield Heights Police Department, in collaboration with the Cleveland Police Department, initiated a rigorous investigation. The crime scene itself was carefully scrutinized for any potential evidence. Forensic experts combed through the house, collecting fingerprints, hair samples, and any other trace evidence that might lead to the identity of the killer.

Witnesses were interviewed extensively, particularly Beverly’s friend who had been the last person to visit the Jarosz home that fateful afternoon. Her account of hearing loud music and a heavy thud was regarded as a crucial piece of the puzzle. Detectives also canvassed the neighborhood, questioning residents in the hopes of uncovering any unusual or suspicious activities in the vicinity.

Beverly Jarosz House

The Unanswered Questions

Despite the initial intensity of the investigation and the dedication of law enforcement, many questions remained unanswered. One of the most perplexing aspects of the case was the absence of any signs of forced entry or a struggle. This raised the disturbing possibility that Beverly may have known her attacker, making the investigation more complex.

The loud music heard by Beverly’s friend hinted at the possibility that the murderer may have used it to mask the sounds of the crime. However, the source of this music and its significance in the investigation remained a mystery. Additionally, the loud thud heard by the friend, described as similar to a heavy piece of furniture being knocked over, posed further questions about the sequence of events leading to Beverly’s death.

Beverly Jarosz theories:

Random Act of Violence:

One theory suggests that Beverly might have been the victim of a random act of violence. In this scenario, an unknown intruder or assailant could have entered her home and attacked her without a clear motive or prior connection to the victim.

Personal Vendetta:

Some theories propose that Beverly might have been targeted by someone who had a personal vendetta against her or her family. This could involve disputes, grudges, or conflicts that escalated to a deadly confrontation.

Domestic Dispute:

Another theory revolves around the possibility of a domestic dispute within the Jarosz family. It speculates that someone within the household may have been involved in the murder, and the family might have attempted to cover up the crime.

Stranger With a Grudge:

This theory suggests that Beverly may have unknowingly encountered someone with a grudge against her or her family outside of her home. This person, harboring ill intentions, could have followed her home and committed the murder.

Serial Killer Connection:

Given the involvement of the Cleveland Police Department due to the brutality of the crime scene and the medical examiner’s experience with the Cleveland Torso Murders, there has been speculation about a connection to a serial killer active in the area. However, no concrete evidence has emerged linking Beverly’s murder to any known serial killer.

Botched Robbery:

Some theories propose that the murder may have occurred during a botched robbery attempt. The intruder could have initially intended to steal valuables but escalated to violence.


There are theories that suggest a cover-up within the community or law enforcement, either to protect a prominent individual or to avoid negative publicity for the area. These theories often involve suspicions of a local conspiracy.

Accidental Death with Staging:

This theory posits that Beverly may have died accidentally, perhaps due to a drug overdose or some other circumstance, and her death was subsequently staged to look like a murder.

Psychological Profile:

Some amateur sleuths and armchair detectives have attempted to create psychological profiles of potential suspects. These profiles are often speculative and can vary widely.

The Legacy:

Decades have passed since that dreadful December day in 1964, yet the case of Beverly Jarosz remains unsolved. Her murder continues to haunt the memories of Garfield Heights residents and serves as a painful reminder of the unresolved nature of some crimes. The community, her family, and law enforcement have not forgotten her, and there remains hope that one day justice will be served.


The case of Beverly Jarosz is a chilling reminder that some mysteries may never be fully unraveled. Her brutal murder in the sanctuary of her own home shocked Garfield Heights and left a lasting scar on the community. As time marches on, there is still hope that advances in forensic science and renewed efforts by law enforcement may one day bring closure to this tragic case. Until then, the memory of Beverly Jarosz lives on, and the quest for justice continues, a testament to the enduring pursuit of truth and the resolution of unsolved mysteries.

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