The Kimchi Killer: The Holy Grail of Korean Cuisine

the kimchi killer
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Kimchi, the spicy pickled cabbage dish, is often considered the Holy Grail of Korean cuisine. It is a staple side dish in Korean households, consumed with practically every meal. From hamburgers to pasta, kimchi pairs well with various dishes due to its unique flavor profile. Fermented and loaded with probiotics, kimchi is comparable to sauerkraut. However, kimchi stands out with its strong, delicious taste, infused with garlic and onions.

The Iconic Kimchi Mixing Bowl

In Korean households, it is common to have a kimchi mixing bowl, typically a shallow, wide red plastic or rubber-like material bowl. These iconic bowls are used to thoroughly mix the kimchi, ensuring all the ingredients are well combined. Different sizes of kimchi mixing bowls exist, ranging from small to extra-large. While small, medium, and large bowls are kept at home for personal use, the extra-large ones are reserved for making large batches of kimchi in churches or Korean schools. Four feet tall with a lid, these giant kimchi buckets were traditionally used to bury kimchi for fermentation. Nowadays, kimchi is left on the counter for a few days and then refrigerated, eliminating the need for such large containers.

A Strange Discovery

In 2014, a shocking discovery was made in South Korea. A massive four-foot-tall red kimchi bucket was found in an empty room inside a morgue. The bucket contained not one but two bodies, one partially decomposed and the other badly decomposed. The police were left bewildered, trying to unravel the mysteries surrounding these bodies and the person responsible. This is the story of the infamous kimchi killer.

The Stinky Apartment

Neighbors of the stinky apartment, as it was commonly known, had been complaining for years about the unbearable smell emanating from the second-floor unit. Little did they know that the source of the stench was far more sinister than they could have ever imagined. The cries of a child could be heard day and night, prompting one concerned neighbor, Sam, to call emergency services.

The Crying Child

Sam had been enduring the incessant crying from the stinky apartment for a while, hoping the parents would take care of the situation. However, the cries became increasingly unbearable, leading Sam to take action. When he knocked on the door, he heard the desperate plea of the child, “Please call my mom, I want my mom.” Sam realized that something was seriously wrong and called emergency services.

A Shocking Discovery

When the police arrived at the stinky apartment, they were met with a pungent smell that enveloped the entire second floor. They soon realized that the apartment was filled with bags of trash, reaching the ceiling. As they searched for the source of the crying, they stumbled upon a bedroom door. Opening it, they were met with an unexpected sight—a four-foot red kimchi bucket in the center of the room.

The Kimchi Bucket

Inside the kimchi bucket, the police found a partially decomposed body covered in viscous liquid. Beneath that was a layer of plastic flooring, concealing another badly decomposed body. The discovery of these two bodies raised numerous questions for the police. Who were these individuals, and how did they end up in the kimchi bucket? The investigation into the kimchi killer had just begun.

The Elusive Mother: Lee Sejong

Lee Sejong, the mother of the eight-year-old boy, Taeo, who was found crying alone in the apartment, became the prime suspect in the case. However, she had vanished, eluding the police. They traced her to her workplace, but she managed to escape. The police were left with few leads, except for a possible connection to a man named Christopher, a foreigner she had been in contact with.

A Nervous Confession

After a nationwide search, Lee Sejong was apprehended and brought in for questioning. At first, she confessed to the murders, but later recanted her statement. She claimed that her first husband, Mr. Park, died of natural causes, and the other man in the bucket was a foreigner she had encountered on the street. However, her ever-changing stories and unsettling behavior during questioning raised suspicions about her true motives.

A Troubled Past

Upon further investigation, it was revealed that Lee Sejong had a history of mental health issues and depression. She had a strained relationship with her first husband, Mr. Park, leading to their separation. Their marriage had been marked by financial stress and infidelity on Mr. Park’s part. Sejong struggled to cope with the loss of her youngest son in a tragic accident, which further strained her relationship with her husband.

Dark Secrets Unveiled

Lee Sejong’s eldest son, James, revealed that he had helped his mother dispose of Mr. Park’s body in the kimchi bucket. Overwhelmed by fear and the potential consequences of reporting the incident, James chose to remain silent for years. The police also discovered that Sejong had been involved with multiple men after Mr. Park’s disappearance, creating a complex web of relationships and suspicious behavior.


The case of the kimchi killer shocked the nation of South Korea and brought attention to the hidden horrors that can occur behind closed doors. Lee Sejong’s elusive actions and ever-changing stories cast doubt on her true motives and mental state. As the investigation continues, the police are left to piece together the truth and seek justice for the victims found in the kimchi bucket.

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