Tensions Flare at Thakurbari as Shantanu Thakur Tries to Force Entry into Mamata Bala’s Home

BJP vs TMC: Mamata vs Shantanu: Political Rivalry Turns Ugly at Ancestral Thakurbari Residence
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The feud at Thakurbari once again played out in public on Sunday. Union Minister Shantanu Thakur was seen hitting the door of Trinamool MP Mamata Bala Thakur’s residence with a stick, attempting to break it down. He and his supporters tried to force their way into the Trinamool leader’s house.

Amidst this, the Trinamool Congress alleged that central forces entered the Thakurbari temple premises wearing shoes. The party released a video to support their claim, showing Shantanu Thakur, clad in a yellow outfit, seated on a chair with what appears to be an offering plate in front of him, while a person is standing nearby wearing shoes.

In a social media post, Trinamool stated, “Today, in front of BJP MP and Union Minister Shantanu Thakur himself, the central forces entered the Thakurnagar Thakurbari temple court wearing shoes, desecrating it. Shantanu was a mere spectator at that time. This is not his first offense – earlier when Abhishek Banerjee visited Thakurbari and was forcibly prevented from entering, a similar incident occurred. Shantanu has no respect for the sentiments of the Matua community. There is no option but to call such a person a ‘Jamindar’ (landlord).” In another message, Trinamool wrote, “A day after Sri Sri Harichand Thakur’s birth anniversary, this is how Shantanu Thakur showed his respect to him. Once again, the anti-Bengal stance of the BJP and Modi’s family has come to the fore. They have no respect for Bengal.”

Mamata Bala spoke about yesterday’s incident, with Trinamool’s Bangaon Lok Sabha candidate Biswajit Das by her side. She alleged, “Shantanu broke into the room where Boroma stays…the room where I stay, by hitting the door with a stick. The central forces also entered wearing shoes.” Mamata Bala stated, “Why didn’t they try to capture the house when Boroma was alive? It’s because Shantanu Thakur was not born in this house, as my father-in-law Pramotharanjan Thakur had evicted them from their house.”

However, the most explosive charge came later. Trinamool claimed, “Yesterday, BJP MP Shantanu Thakur, and his coterie of hoodlums, went on a rampage – storming into Boro Ma Binapani Devi’s room and ransacking it. Our Rajya Sabha MP Mamata Thakur and her daughter were locked out of their room and were forced to spend the night on the streets.”

It’s worth noting that the feud between Mamata Bala and Shantanu, both members of the Thakur family, is not new. When Shantanu joined the BJP in 2019, tensions escalated further. In the last Lok Sabha elections, Shantanu Thakur defeated Mamata Bala, and their clash intensified over the CAA issue. Regarding yesterday’s incident, Trinamool alleges that Shantanu attacked to capture Boroma Binapani Devi’s room. After breaking down the door, Shantanu Thakur, along with his brother and family members, occupied the room. Mamata Bala Thakur has filed a complaint against Shantanu Thakur and 13 others at the Gairghaata Police Station.

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