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'Gadkari': Anurag Rajan Bhusari announces a biopic on Nitin Gadkari; Teaser out!

Indian cinema is witnessing a surge in the production of biopics, offering audiences a glimpse into the lives of influential figures. Among the highly anticipated releases, one title stands out – “Gadkari.” Directed by Anurag Rajan Bhusari and produced under the banner of Akshay Deshmukh Films, this Marathi biopic delves into the life and journey of Nitin Gadkari, the Union Minister for Road Transport and Highways in India.”Gadkari” aims to provide an in-depth portrayal of Gadkari’s life, shedding light on lesser-known aspects. The recently released teaser has created a buzz, leaving audiences eager to witness this cinematic tribute to the “Highway Man of India.”

Unveiling Nitin Gadkari’s Journey:

Nitin Gadkari, known for his immense contributions to road transport and highways across the country, has become a prominent political figure in India. “Gadkari” offers a unique opportunity to explore the untold chapters of his life. Anurag Rajan Bhusari, the film’s writer and director, has emphasized the captivating elements that viewers can expect from this biopic.

While Gadkari’s distinguished political career is widely acknowledged, “Gadkari” delves deeper into his early days and personal life, providing fresh insights. The film attempts to strike a balance between portraying Gadkari’s public image as an eloquent leader and delving into his personal tales. Bhusari believes that showcasing different aspects of Gadkari’s personality will make this biopic an engaging and enlightening experience for the audience.

Bollywood is Set to Release a Biopic of Nitin Gadkari: Story , Cast

The Suspense Surrounding the Lead Actor:

One of the intriguing aspects of “Gadkari” is the secrecy surrounding the lead actor who will portray Nitin Gadkari. The production team has kept this information under wraps, adding to the anticipation and curiosity surrounding the film. Speculations are rife about who might step into the shoes of the prominent politician, but the official announcement is yet to be made. Some have suggested that the role may be played by a popular Bollywood actor, such as Akshay Kumar or Ajay Devgn. Others have suggested that the makers may cast a lesser-known actor in order to create a more authentic portrayal of Gadkari.

The Teaser: A Glimpse into the Biopic:

The recently released teaser of “Gadkari” has generated significant buzz among audiences. It offers a glimpse into the visual and narrative style of the film, creating intrigue and excitement. While the teaser doesn’t reveal much about the plot, it sets the tone for a compelling cinematic experience that explores the life of Nitin Gadkari.

Release Date and Production Details:

“Gadkari” is all set to hit the theaters on October 27, 2023. Produced under the banner of Akshay Deshmukh Films, the biopic is presented by Abhijit Majumdar. Anurag Rajan Bhusari, the writer and director of the film, has taken on multiple roles to ensure a comprehensive and authentic portrayal of Gadkari’s journey.


The announcement of “Gadkari” has created a wave of excitement in the film industry and among the audience. Nitin Gadkari’s life and contributions have made him a notable figure, and this biopic promises to shed light on lesser-known aspects of his journey. With its release date fast approaching, audiences eagerly await the opportunity to witness the story of the “Highway Man of India” unfold on the silver screen.

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