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How do I earn free cryptocurrency in 11 easy ways?

Cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin, Ethereum and others have exploded in popularity in recent years due to their innovative blockchain technology, decentralized nature, and potential for significant returns on investment. This has led many people to wonder – can I really earn free cryptocurrency in easy ways? The answer is yes! There are now more options than ever for earning free crypto if you know where to look.

In this comprehensive guide, we will explore 11 easy and legitimate methods for earning free cryptocurrency with little or no investment. From playing video games to taking surveys, these innovative earning platforms provide an opportunity for anyone to get their hands on coveted crypto tokens. While rewards may be modest, they can add up over time, especially as the value of cryptocurrencies climbs. Read on to learn how you can start earning today!

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Method 1: Cryptocurrency Faucets

Cryptocurrency faucets are websites and apps that reward users with tiny fractions of cryptocurrency in exchange for completing simple tasks like solving a captcha, watching videos, playing games or interacting with ads. The coins usually given away are those with very low value like satoshis, which are one hundred millionths of a bitcoin.

Here’s how it works:

  1. Register for an account with a faucet like CoinPayu, Moon Bitcoin or DailyFreeBits.
  2. Complete easy activities like captcha typing, surveys or viewing ads to earn crypto drips.
  3. Accumulate drips until you reach the minimum payout amount, which is usually a few thousand satoshis.
  4. Provide your wallet address to claim payouts either on-chain or off-chain.

The main downside is that payouts are tiny. But these sites are easy to use and great for earning a few thousand satoshis per day, which can add up over time.

Method 2: Play Crypto Games

There is a new category of games, termed play-to-earn, that reward players with crypto tokens for completing levels, defeating opponents or unlocking achievements. These games operate on blockchain technology, meaning all in-game assets are tokenized as NFTs or non-fungible tokens. Some popular titles include:

Axie Infinity: Breed, battle and trade cute digital pets called Axies. The better your Axies, the more you can earn.

CryptoKitties: Breed and trade unique digital kittens and sell them for profit in the decentralized marketplace.

Alien Worlds: Explore planets and mine the in-game cryptocurrency TLM through strategy and resource management.

The earning potential varies based on player skill but can be meaningful. Just be prepared for an upfront investment, usually $100 to $200, to purchase starter NFTs before you begin playing to earn.

Method 3: Sign Up for Airdrops

In the crypto world, airdrops occur when projects distribute free coins or tokens to the community to drive engagement. All you need to do is sign up with some basic information to qualify for these free crypto giveaways. Some popular airdrop platforms include:

CoinMarketCap: Earn free tokens by learning about new crypto projects. Past airdrops have included Bidao and Flow.

AirdropAlert: Get notified of latest airdrops and bounties across popular crypto networks.

Airdrops.io: Tracks upcoming airdrops and allocates coins to waitlisted users. Supported coins include Ethereum, Polkadot and Binance Smart Chain.

To avoid scams only use reputable sites, never pay to get airdrops, and transfer crypto received to your own wallet. Legitimate airdrops can be highly rewarding, earning you $10 to $200 worth of tokens that may appreciate significantly.

Method 4: Complete Microtasks

There are a growing number of gigs you can complete online in exchange for cryptocurrency rewards with no prior experience or investment needed. Typical microtasks include:

  • Completing surveys on platforms like CoinBase Earn, which provides $3 to $10 in crypto per survey.
  • Freelance gigs at crypto jobs boards like Cryptocurrency Jobs or Blocktribe. Common jobs include content writing, graphic design and data entry.
  • Participating in beta testing programs like Buglab, which pays out bounties for finding bugs and flaws in crypto apps and platforms before public launch.
  • Referral bonuses when you get others to sign up for crypto exchanges like Binance.

Microtask earnings are usually modest, in the $5 to $30 range, but provide easy opportunities to stack satoshis and tokens.

Method 5: Crypto Mining

Crypto mining used to require expensive, specialized hardware until the emergence of free cloud mining services like Phoneum Green. These platforms allow anyone to earn coins by installing a free app and contributing computing power from your laptop or phone. Rewards are in the project’s native cryptocurrency, which can be traded on exchanges if desired.

Other low-barrier options include browser-based crypto mining with a service like UnMineable, and faucet mining where coins from a faucet site accumulate faster the longer the site is left open. While profits remain small, mine enough coins and it becomes worthwhile.

Method 6: Staking Crypto

Staking has become a popular way of earning passive income with your existing cryptocurrency holdings. All you do is lock up an amount of supported crypto coins or tokens in a wallet to help validate blockchain transactions. In return you earn staking rewards, similar to interest, just for holding your crypto. Some staking options include:

Platforms: Stake crypto holdings on platforms like Kraken and Binance which offer annual yields of up to 10% for coins like Ethereum and Cosmos.

Wallets: Stake directly from non-custodial wallets like Exodus and Trust Wallet and control crypto assets with no third-party risk.

Pools: Join a staking pool like Staked or Ankr to combine smaller amounts from multiple users to meet minimum staking amounts and share profits.

Staking returns vary based on project, pool and amount staked but easily earn 5-18% annually on holdings for little effort.

Method 7: Lending Crypto

Similar to staking, crypto lending allows you to earn interest on coin and token holdings. All you do is provide liquidity to lending platforms and users wanting to borrow cryptocurrency. In exchange you can earn up to 8% annually on stablecoins and 2-6% on other crypto holdings with minimal risk. Some top lending options are:

BlockFi – Borrow and earn interest on a variety of cryptocurrencies including stablecoins. Offers up to 8.6% interest.

Nexo – Instantly exchange between over 45+ cryptocurrencies. Nexo offers up to 12% interest on some cryptos.

Crypto.com – Loans issued instantly with no credit checks. Platform offers up to 8% interest on coins and stablecoins.

As cryptocurrency gains mainstream traction, financial services like lending provide a simple way to grow your portfolio. Any idle crypto can now earn substantial rewards through these avenues.

Method 8: Crypto Cashback & Rewards

Cashback reward programs are popping up offering anywhere from 1% to 10% back for online shopping and other purchases when paid in cryptocurrency. Some popular options are:

  • Lolli – Earn bitcoin rewards up to 3.5% from over 1000 retailers like Macy’s and Groupon.
  • BlockFi Credit Card – Get 1.5% back as bitcoin on every credit card purchase. Intro offer is $200 after spending $3,000.
  • BitPay Card – Converts crypto holdings to dollars to pay anywhere and earn up to 11% back in bitcoin.
  • Fold App – Earn sats back at retailers like Uber, Target and Domino’s when using their Lightning Network-powered payment card.

Monitor affiliate networks like Awin for crypto cashback opportunities. The rewards may seem small but can tally up fast if you regularly shop online or dining out.

Method 9: Affiliate Earnings

You can leverage your audience and following to earn free crypto as an influencer. The key is promoting exchanges, wallets, DeFi platforms, games, retailers and other apps offering affiliate commissions. Some popular options are:

  • Binance Affiliate – Earn up to 40% commission on trading fees from referred users. One of the most generous crypto referral programs.
  • Coinbase Earn – Generate affiliate links to earn $10 in crypto for each new user that joins Coinbase.
  • ByBit Affiliate – 10 different commission tiers with the highest paying up to $2,500 per lot trade from referrals.
  • Gate.io Affiliate – Up to 80% commission kickbacks on trading fees, airdrops, deposits and other user activity.

Top affiliates can expect to earn anywhere from $500 to $5,000 monthly in free crypto from promotion efforts.

Method 10: Cryptocasinos & Betting

For crypto enthusiasts who also enjoy online gambling, playing with cryptocurrency provides a fun option to stack sats or tokens. There is a wide range of crypto casinos, sportsbooks and betting sites that offer welcome bonuses, cashback rewards and generous promotions. Some popular options include:

Stake – Award-winning crypto casino with a huge selection of slots, table games and live dealer options. Welcome bonus up to 1.5 BTC.

FortuneJack – Sports betting along with thousands of casino games with house edge as low as 0.5%. Welcome package up to 5 BTC.

Bitstarz – Hybrid casino offering both traditional and cryptocurrency gambling with frequent promotions. Welcome bonus up to 5 BTC.

While profits are not guaranteed, the potential upside from gambling bonuses and besting the house edge make crypto betting sites rewarding. Just remember to wager responsibly.

Method 11: Create Content

As a crypto expert or enthusiast, you can earn free coins and tokens by creating content around your knowledge and insights. Options include:

  • Publishing blog posts and guides around crypto projects you use and earn crypto tips from readers.
  • Starting a YouTube channel covering crypto news, tutorials, interviews and product reviews then monetizing with ad revenue.
  • Leveraging Twitter threads and social media to showcase your personal brand and get paid for consulting or freelance services.
  • Writing ebooks around crypto investing, trading, DeFi strategies and selling on marketplaces.
  • Creating online crypto courses people will purchase to gain knowledge around capitalizing on digital assets and blockchain.

The more niche knowledge you have and longer-form, valuable content you create, the more potential opportunities arise to capitalize in the expanding world of crypto.


While the rewards may seem insignificant at first, dedicating time to explore these crypto earning methods really can add up in the long run – especially if you take advantage of multiple options simultaneously. As global adoption of digital currencies continues rising, more innovative earning mechanisms will emerge making it even easier for anyone to get their share of crypto coins and tokens. So don’t hesitate to give these a try!

Which free crypto earning method seems most appealing or accessible to you right now? Have you tried any of these already? What key lessons or takeaways have you learned? Share your experiences below!

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