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Dawood Ibrahim: India's Most Wanted Man | Wife , Net Worth , Lifestyle

Dawood Ibrahim, a name that sends shivers down the spines of many in India and beyond, has been a symbol of organized crime and terror for decades. His life, shrouded in secrecy and controversy, has been the subject of endless speculation and intrigue. Today, we delve into the fascinating, yet troubling, story of this fugitive underworld don, exploring his rise to power, his alleged crimes, and the ongoing efforts to bring him to justice.

Early Life and Ascent to Power:

Born in 1955 in the Dongri area of Mumbai, Dawood Ibrahim grew up in a family facing financial hardship. His father, a police constable, struggled to make ends meet, and Dawood’s early life was geprägt by poverty and petty crime. He soon found himself drawn to the allure of the Mumbai underworld, where he began working for Haji Mastan, a notorious gangster of the time.

Dawood Ibrahim Age:

As of today, December 19, 2023, Dawood Ibrahim is widely believed to be 67 years old. He was born on December 26, 1955, in Mumbai, India.

Dawood Ibrahim: India's Most Wanted Man | Wife , Net Worth , Lifestyle

Dawood Ibrahim Siblings:

Confirmed siblings:

  • Shakir Ibrahim Kaskar: Dawood’s older brother, who was also involved in crime but died in a gang war in 1981.
  • Iqbal “Gutka” Ibrahim Kaskar: Dawood’s younger brother, currently living in Thane Jail in Mumbai after being arrested on various charges.
  • Haseena Parkar: Dawood’s sister, known as the “Queen of the Underworld” in Mumbai before her death in 2014.

Unconfirmed information:

  • Noora Ibrahim: Some reports mention another brother named Noora, who allegedly died in Karachi around 7-8 years ago. However, details about him are scarce and remain unconfirmed.
  • Additional siblings: Some sources suggest Dawood has more siblings, but information is unreliable and lacks substantial evidence.

Dawood Ibrahim in his youth

Ibrahim’s cunning and ruthlessness quickly caught Mastan’s attention, and he rose through the ranks of the gang, eventually forming his own syndicate – the D-Company. The 1970s and 80s saw Dawood consolidate his power in Mumbai, eliminating rivals and establishing a stranglehold over various criminal activities, including extortion, smuggling, and drug trafficking. His ruthlessness became legendary, earning him the moniker “The Don.”

The 1993 Bombay Bombings and Global Infamy:

Dawood Ibrahim’s infamy reached its peak with the 1993 Bombay bombings, a series of coordinated attacks that ripped through the heart of India’s financial capital, killing 257 people and injuring over 700. The attacks, allegedly masterminded by Dawood Ibrahim and his associates, were motivated by revenge for the demolition of the Babri Masjid in Ayodhya and marked a turning point in his criminal career.

The 1993 Bombay Bombings and Global Infamy: Dawood Ibrahim

1993 Bombay bombings

Following the bombings, India intensified its efforts to capture Dawood, who had by then fled to Pakistan. He was designated a global terrorist by both India and the United States, with a bounty of $25 million placed on his head. Despite international pressure, Pakistan has continued to deny harboring Dawood, claiming he is not on their territory.

Dawood Ibrahim Wife:

  • First wife: Dawood Ibrahim’s first wife is Zubeena Zareen, also known as Mehjabeen Shaikh. They married in 1975 and have four children together, three daughters (Mariam, Mehrin, and Maziya) and a son (Mohin). While reports suggest they remain married, Dawood hasn’t been seen with her in public for decades.
  • Second wife (unverified): In 2023, Dawood Ibrahim’s nephew, Alishah Parkar, claimed in a statement to the National Investigation Agency (NIA) that Dawood had married a second time to a Pakistani woman named Maizabin. However, this claim has not been officially confirmed by any authorities and remains unverified.

Including unconfirmed information like details about his supposed second wife could be misleading and potentially harmful. Therefore, I recommend focusing on his first wife, Zubeena Zareen, as the only confirmed spouse. You could mention:

  • Their marriage in 1975 and their children.
  • The lack of public appearances together since Dawood went into hiding.
  • The challenges and uncertainties faced by family members of wanted criminals.

This approach provides factual information while respecting the family’s privacy and avoiding the spread of unverified rumors.

Dawood Ibrahim Net Worth:

Estimates of Dawood Ibrahim’s net worth have varied widely over the years and remain largely speculative. Sources like Forbes listed him among the richest criminals in the world, with estimates reaching $6.7 billion in 2015. However, these figures rely on unverified information and lack concrete evidence

A Life in the Shadows:

Dawood Ibrahim’s current whereabouts remain shrouded in mystery. Some reports suggest he resides in Karachi, Pakistan, under the protection of the country’s intelligence agencies, while others speculate he could be in Dubai or elsewhere in the Middle East. He lives a life of luxury and seclusion, shielded by a network of loyal associates and immense wealth.

Despite his fugitive status, Dawood Ibrahim continues to exert influence over the Indian underworld. The D-Company remains active in various criminal activities, and its reach extends beyond India’s borders. Several high-profile attacks in India, including the 2008 Mumbai attacks, have been linked to the D-Company, highlighting the ongoing threat posed by Dawood and his organization.

The Quest for Justice:

The Indian government has relentlessly pursued Dawood Ibrahim’s capture for decades. Interpol has issued a Red Notice for his arrest, and various legal channels have been pursued to secure his extradition from Pakistan. However, the political and diplomatic complexities surrounding the issue have hampered these efforts.

Interpol Red Notice for Dawood Ibrahim

Despite the challenges, the pursuit of Dawood Ibrahim remains a priority for India. Bringing him to justice is not just about punishing a criminal, but also about dismantling the D-Company’s vast network and sending a strong message that such acts of terror will not go unpunished.

Beyond the Notoriety:

Dawood Ibrahim’s story is not just about crime and punishment; it is a reflection of the complex social and political realities of India and Pakistan. His rise to power exposes the underbelly of poverty, inequality, and corruption that plague both countries. His continued elusion from justice raises questions about the effectiveness of law enforcement and the influence of money and power in international relations.

Dawood Ibrahim’s legacy remains a subject of debate. Some consider him a shrewd businessman and a Robin Hood figure who provided for the underprivileged, while others see him as a ruthless criminal and a symbol of terror. Regardless of perspective, his story serves as a cautionary tale, highlighting the devastating consequences of organized crime and the importance of unwavering pursuit of justice.


Dawood Ibrahim’s life and legacy continue to cast a long shadow over India and the region. His story is a complex tapestry woven with threads of crime, terror, politics, and social realities. While his capture remains elusive, the pursuit of justice for his alleged crimes continues. Whether he is eventually brought to book or not, Dawood Ibrahim’s name will forever be etched.

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