Bangla Divas : 1st Boishakh is going to be celebrated as Bangla Divas

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 West Bengal Government to Celebrate 1st Boishakh as Bangla Divas.

The West Bengal government has decided to celebrate 1st Boishakh, the first day of the Bengali calendar, as Bangla Divas, or Bengali Day. The decision was announced by Chief Minister Mamata Banerjee on Monday.

“1st Boishakh is a day of great cultural and historical significance for the Bengali people. It is a time to celebrate our rich heritage and traditions,” Banerjee said. “I am happy to announce that the state government will be celebrating 1st Boishakh as Bangla Divas from this year onwards.”

Also, “Bangalr Mati , Banglar Jol” by Rabindranath Thakur has been declared as the State Song of West Bengal.

Banglar Mati, Banglar Jol lyrics 

The government has already started making arrangements for the celebration. A cultural program will be held at the Rabindra Sadan in Kolkata on 1st Boishakh. There will also be a procession from the Eden Gardens to the Writers’ Buildings.

The decision to celebrate 1st Boishakh as Bangla Divas has been welcomed by the people of West Bengal. They see it as a way to promote Bengali culture and heritage.

When is Bangla Divas or West Bengal Day ?

It’s 1st Boishak ( the first day of Bengali calendar) which generally falls on April 14 or 15.

“This is a great decision by the government,” said Amitabha Roy, a cultural activist. “1st Boishakh is a day that is dear to all Bengalis. It is a time to celebrate our new year and our culture.”

“I am very happy that the government is taking steps to promote Bengali culture,” said Rupali Sen, a student. “This is a step in the right direction.”


Though the Central Government of India has declared 20 June as the West Bengal day, The state isn’t happy with their decision. As, they didn’t consult anything with the West Bengal Legislative Assembly.

On this fay, The Opposition BJP disagreed with the resolution and asked the government to accept the Center’s proposal to observe June 20 as the state day. Leader of the Opposition Suvendu Adhikari said, “This proposal will not be successful, just like the proposal to rename the state as Bangla, the proposal of Bidhan Parishad, and many others. I will go to Raj Bhavan and request the governor not to approve the proposal.” He added, “You can change the date with the majority, but you cannot change history.”

The Bengal government’s decision to celebrate 1st Boishakh as Bangla Divas is a significant one. It is a way of recognizing the importance of Bengali culture and heritage. It is also a way of promoting cultural unity among the people of West Bengal.

The celebration of 1st Boishakh as Bangla Divas is expected to be a grand affair. It will be a day of cultural events, festivities, and merrymaking. It will be a day to celebrate the Bengali spirit and to reaffirm the pride of being Bengali.

Why is West Bengal called West Bengal when it is in East?

The name “West Bengal” is a legacy of the partition of Bengal in 1947. Before the partition, Bengal was a single province in British India. However, the partition divided Bengal along religious lines, with the western part going to India and the eastern part going to Pakistan. The western part was predominantly Hindu, while the eastern part was predominantly Muslim.

The Indian government named the western part of Bengal as “West Bengal” to distinguish it from the eastern part, which was renamed “East Bengal”. The name “West Bengal” has remained in use ever since, even though the state is located in the eastern part of India.

There have been some attempts to rename the state as “Bengal”. In 2016, the West Bengal Legislative Assembly passed a resolution to change the name of the state to “Bengal”. However, the resolution was not approved by the central government.

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