Ate Human Meat of Their Friend : Horrifying Incident in Bangladesh

Shibli Sadiq Hridoy. Man Became Man eater. Talktails News
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Tribal youths ate human meat after killing their friend. Incident of Bangladesh shocked the world. Accused kidnappers posted videos on the internet  where they are reportedly eating human meat. Please note that, in this article we are going to use some videos , which are not cross verified and collected from different sources.  

Friends Became Man-eater: Latest Crime News

Shibli Sadik Hridoy was a student of Kadalpur School and College. Alongside his studies, he used to work at a chicken farm in Kadalpur.. Hridoy belonged to a poor family in Chittagong, Bangladesh. The farm was located in a remote hill area. In that part of the hill, there was a small population of Chakma Tribes.

Hridoy was friends with some Chakma youths there. Probably they were working together on that farm. Everything was normal, but one day Hridoy’s  tribal friends invited him to their village. Hridoy accepted their invitation and joined their get together. 

 Reaching there ,Hridoy found that they were cooking the meat of a crocodile.  According to Hridoy’s  family members ,Hridoy  did not like that . He probably protested it directly or indirectly. It made his tribal friends angry. There was a quarrel among them. Hridoy  left the place after the incident.

 But after some days, the tribal youths invited Hridoy  once again for a picnic, as they wanted to end the quarrel. Hridoy went with them but never came back. They captured Hridoy  and called his father for a ransom of 10 lakh BDT (Bangladesh taka).

Please note that: We don’t know if the killer was alone or with a group.

 His father and the kidnappers had a conversation over the phone multiple times  and finally came to a deal of 2 lakh BDT. Hridoy’s family was unaware of the fact that their son had been kidnapped for 10 days. 

After 10 days, they got a call from the Kidnappers.In the meantime, the police got involved in the case.

Police suggested his father try to get their Bikash ID number (Bikash is a payment method in Bangladesh)  while having conversation with the kidnappers. But it was too late. After 14 days, Hridoy’s body was found in the hill. Well, not the body, we can say some body parts As, they had eaten his meat already.

On Monday, September 11th, at 9 o’clock in the morning, the border patrol team from Kadalpur-Rangunia, a hilly region, recovered their corpse.

Shibli Sadiq Hridoy, Friends Became man eater
Source: Facebook

The tribal boy who kidnapped Hridoy , had posted some videos on Tiktok. It is claimed that they were cooking  Hridoy’s meat in that video.

They have been arrested within 48 hours from when the investigation started. They have admitted the crime and also the fact of eating meat in the primary investigation. 

Raojan Police Station’s diligent officer-in-charge (OC), Abu-l-Allah Al Harun, stated, “In the recent incident of abduction, a few days ago, we apprehended two individuals and sent them to court as per the court’s directive. Following yesterday’s events, we have apprehended another individual by the name of Umangching Maram. This morning, based on the information provided, we launched an operation in the hilly border area near Kadalpur-Rangunia.”

Umching marma, friends became man eaters

During the search operation, the public forcibly took one of the accused tribal boy from the custody of the police, subjecting him to severe beatings. Tragically, the accused lost his life as a result of the ordeal. His name was Umching Marma.

Hridoy’s bones and some body parts were found near the kidnapper’s hut. Those are clearly suggesting , they butchered Hridoy just like an animal. According to locals, they tried to pull out Hridoy’s organs when he was alive. 

Please note that, Chakma tribe is one of the popular tribes in Bangladesh. They don’t eat human meat.

Video Source: facebook

what does human meat look like?

Human meat looks similar to beef, but it is slightly less red, with pale yellow fat. When roasted, the meat turns grayish, as would lamb or veal, and smells like cooked beef.

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